A little bit of comfort. A light in the darkness. A warm embrace. Thanks to your contributions, we were able to provide these and much more to people across Ukraine this winter. SA2U’s “Gift of Warmth” campaign raised almost CHF 120,000 for much-needed winter aid from generous individual and institutional donors.

The “Gift of Warmth” campaign was an online fundraising effort aimed at helping Ukrainians survive an extremely cold and difficult winter season. The campaign culminated in the Ukrainian Cultural Charity Evening event on January 18, 2023 at Fame Gallery in Zurich. The evening was an unforgettable occasion highlighting Ukrainian food, art, and music. Of special significance was an orchestral performance by Ukrainian musicians from the Kharkiv National Academic Theatre live-streamed from an underground shelter space in Kharkiv. The music was truly uplifting, emanating defiantly and proudly from a city devastated by war, an area fighting against captivity.  

The funds were used to purchase generators, heaters. power stations, and other urgent winter aid for hospitals and clinics, a school, a home for the elderly, and families in need in various regions of Ukraine, in particular in the hard-hit region of Bakhmut, as part of the following projects:

  • CHF 1,000 towards the purchase of a power station for a family living in a village near Mykolaiv. 
  • CHF 2,800 towards the purchase of a 150kw generator for a senior’s home in the village of Peremoga (Kyiv region) in cooperation with Kviten Association and Ukrainian NGO “Nasha Peremoga”
  • CHF 75,000 towards the purchase of three powerful 150-200kw generators for hospitals with Ukraine Alive 2022
  • CHF 35,000 for the purchase of a 150kw generator for a hospital and a 10kw generator for a school in the Slavuta region with Kviten Association

Besides tangible aid, the above projects also helped to bring the feeling of community, the warmth of compassion and kindness, and the comfort of solidarity and support to aid recipients. Warm hearts brought about warm hands this winter.