SA2U used CHF 1,000 of the funds raised through its recent “Gift of Warmth” initiative for winter aid to support Ukrainian electrical company TOLK’s “Do bright things!” campaign. With this amount, SA2U was able to pay the outstanding electricity bills and give light and peace of mind to 180 families.

Aid Partner:TOLK   
Regions: Various 
Funds: CHF 1,000
Aid provided:Payment of outstanding electricity bills
Beneficiaries:180 families

TOLK’s campaign seeks donations to pay off the electricity bills of families in need so that they can continue to have power and light, not worry about outstanding payments, and use their money for necessities like food and medicine. Donors are encouraged to select one or more specific amounts from those displayed on TOLK’s website. Each amount corresponds directly to a family’s current electricity bill.

Aid recipients were moved to tears by the unexpectedly kind gesture which came as a welcome surprise and which lessened one worry amidst many.

Grandmother Tetiana, caregiver to her 6 year old granddaughter, explained that she tries her hardest to pay her bills every month. She initially wasn’t sure why she didn’t get an electricity bill last month and was so touched to learn that it had been paid for her.

Arina, mother of 5, works at a government-owned daycare/school in Uzhgorod but does not receive a salary during the holiday months. She received a text message notification that her outstanding electricity debt had been paid off in full but quickly dismissed it as a joke or a fake. Upon learning the truth of the message, she felt like Christmas and New Year’s Eve had both come at once. 

“Just do good deeds, help each other. There’s no need to necessarily advertise it, and it will all come back to you”, she advises as part of her heartfelt message of thanks. We at SA2U intend to do just that, Arina!

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TOLK is a Ukrainian energy provider supplying electricity and gas. It has been in operation for 7 years and boasts a nationwide network serving every corner of the country. The name pertains to the word “sense,” allowing for a play on words that TOLK is a “sensible”  electricity supplier, with the logo incorporating an image of electrical current.