On the day the war started in Ukraine, Lana Sobolevska and Claudio Bernhardt felt the dire need to do something.

While reaching out to friends and the rest of the world through social media, they jumped in their van to take off to Ukraine, mainly to help Lana’s family to leave the country.

The power of social media and the humanity of people is incredibly strong – they received an unbelievable amount of contacts and donations already in these early hours. They left for their journey with a filled up car, and these events became the birthing of Swiss Aid to Ukraine.

We all met through Lana’s early social media broadcast, as we all felt paralyzed by the events unfolding, nonetheless profoundly moved to do something meaningful.

Lana and Claudio were still on their way back when Swiss Aid to Ukraine was officially founded.

Since then, our number one priority has been to source critically needed and hard to track humanitarian supplies and deliver them to the ones most in need.


Tons of humanitarian aid


Partners & Suppliers participated


Organisations & clinics supported


Volunteers engaged

Swiss Aid to Ukraine is a (tax exempt) Swiss non-profit association that was born to alleviate the people affected by the current humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.
Our main purpose is to centralise and expand efforts by launching targeted sourcing, centralised storage and transport.

Swiss Aid To Ukraine provides:

  • A full supply chain for humanitarian relief from Switzerland to any place in Ukraine in cooperation with transport partners in Western Europe and local partners in Poland, Hungary, and Ukraine, including Nova Poshta.
  • Centralized storage and collection of goods from other Swiss organizations in Spreitenbach (Zürich).
  • Fundraising for targeted sourcing of harder-to-find and more expensive goods.
  • Advice and assistance for relocation, adaptation and legal issues.