Board member

Isabelle Ganz

In February 2022, the unexpected happened and made me realize that being safely surrounded by your loved ones and able to follow your passions every single day can’t be taken for granted. The understanding that for people in Ukraine reality has completely changed and that from one day to another families and friends were ripped out of their normal lives left me with a strong urge to act. The awareness that my support cannot change what is happening but can make a difference for several individuals convinced me to join SA2U.

I am proud to support SA2U’s various activities to alleviate suffering of the people affected by the war. Since February 2022, I enjoy being part of a small and very engaged team, which is highly professional and project focused, very efficient in the execution and super agile when new circumstances make adaption necessary.

I am an entrepreneurial thinker who loves to transform ideas and visions into action. In my professional life, I co-founded two very different businesses. Currently, I am enjoying a sabbatical, visiting foreign countries, rediscovering my creativity and living my own dream.