SA2U donated a total of EUR 3,517 in December 2022 and January 2023 to support “Wintering together,” a project by the Rotary Club New Level Kharkiv with support from Kviten Association. This project provides volunteers in Kharkiv with a warm, safe and inviting community center over the tough winter period.

Aid Partner:Kviten Association and Rotary Club New Level Kharkiv
Funds:EUR 3,517
Aid provided:Equipment of a community center for warmth, social events and workshops
Beneficiaries:Volunteers in Kharkiv

The 2022/23 winter was an extremely difficult time for the residents of Kharkiv, which has been hard hit by the war. Physical challenges, such as lack of electricity and gas, were compounded with psychological ones as a result of constant shelling, loss of social contacts, and scarcity of stimulating activities. Volunteers in Kharkiv are helping others every day, but have little opportunity to recharge their own batteries.

Funds donated by SA2U were used by the Rotary Club New Level Kharkiv to equip a community center where volunteers of all ages can come together in a safe space for workshops, socializing, warmth, and light. It’s a place that allows Kharkiv’s heroes to relax, restore their strength and spirits, laugh, and spend time together.

In January 2023, 34 events took place at the center, including 17 football and volleyball events (3 tournaments), 10 development events, 2 cultural events, and more. Events included workshops on financial literacy, movie nights, dance classes, and cooking and decorating workshops.

“…It’s a place to totally relax, it’s disconnection from everyday life and what volunteers do 24/7. Well done, amazing! I will go to any event where you invite me.”

Expenses financed with the funds included:

  • Rental fees for facilities, cost of Internet
  • “Vitamin shelf” with ginger tea, lemon, honey, and oranges 
  • Sports equipment and board games
  • Purchase of food and beverages for events
  • Supplies for workshops such as cooking and decorating classes
  • Symbolic payment to coaches and speakers 

Sports fans at the center were particularly thrilled by the quality of the mini-footballs purchased:

“I haven’t had such a ball since I was a child. Thank you very much once again, it gives us energy and motivation to play football and organize competitions.”

A participant in a backgammon competition also emphasized the importance of the project:

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Kviten Association: Meaning “April” in Ukrainian, the word “Kviten” is derived from the blooming of flowers in that month. The association sources and ships medicine and medical equipment to Ukrainian pharmacies, hospitals, and medical associations and also provides humanitarian aid such as food and clothing. SA2U has partnered with Kviten on numerous projects since the beginning of the war, includingin particular many successful shipments of medical supplies to places including Kharkiv, Khmelnitsky, Kryvyi Rih, Kherson, Odessa, and Kyiv, and more.