SA2U supported its Swiss-based aid partner Kviten Association in providing critical assistance to Kharkiv residents preparing for the impending winter. Funds donated to the Rotary Club New Level Kharkiv were used for the purchase of 6,129 cans of sardines for basic food packages which were distributed to over 600 people.

Aid Partner:Kviten Association and Rotary Club New Level Kharkiv
Funds:CHF 6,800 
Aid provided:Canned food
Beneficiaries:Over 600 people

Kviten Association and Rotary Club New Level Kharkiv have been SA2U’s loyal aid partners throughout many successful projects, including assistance with several transports of humanitarian aid to the Kharkiv region in the first months of the war. The Rotary Club is extremely active and efficient in providing humanitarian aid in this region.

At the end of 2022, light, gas, and food shortages were rampant in many territories near the front lines in Ukraine. Canned food is very important in territories affected by heavy fighting and those recently liberated since residents are often without gas and electricity.

The cans of sardines were added to food packages, which include the following per person: 500g pasta, 800g barley, rice and/or buckwheat, canned beans or meat, and canned sardines.

This video shows volunteers from the Rotary Club sorting and filling food packages at their humanitarian hub. Volunteers delivered over 600 food packages to villages in the Kharkiv region:

In a personal message to Kviten Association and SA2U, Serhiy Iwaglo, Hub Manager, and Pavel Filippenko, Chairman of the Rotary Club New Level Kharkiv, expressed their gratitude for the support:

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Kviten Association: Meaning “April” in Ukrainian, the word “Kviten” is derived from the blooming of flowers in that month. The association sources and ships medicine and medical equipment to Ukrainian pharmacies, hospitals, and medical associations and also provides humanitarian aid such as food and clothing. SA2U has partnered with Kviten on numerous projects since the beginning of the war, includingin particular many successful shipments of medical supplies to places including Kharkiv, Khmelnitsky, Kryvyi Rih, Kherson, Odessa, and Kyiv, and more.