With funds granted by ASVUC, the SpunBond Charity Foundation, which specializes in medical aid to Ukrainian clinics and hospitals, purchased urgently needed supplies for life-saving VAC devices for three Ukrainian hospitals in Kyiv, Uzhgorod, and Khmelnytskyi. Vacuum-Assisted Closure (VAC) devices are essential in expediting wound healing and reducing hospitalization time.

Aid Partner:SpunBond Charity Foundation
Regions:Kyiv, Uzhgorod, Khmelnytskyi
Aid provided:60 canisters and 180 sponges for VAC devices
Beneficiaries:Patients being treated at trauma departments of three hospitals

VAC is the gold standard for treatment of mine blast injuries, which are now devastatingly common since Ukraine became one of the countries with the largest number of mines in the world. VAC devices remove pressure over the area of the wound to help deep wounds heal faster while reducing associated health risks. They reduce swelling, pull the edges of the wound together, and stimulate the growth of new tissue.

However, VAC devices require relatively expensive disposable canisters and sponges for operation, and these supplies must be replaced once a week for the treatment of each wound. The funds generously granted by the Association for Support of Victims of the Ukraine Conflict (ASVUC) were used to purchase 60 canisters and 180 sponges. Three hospitals in Ukraine which have trauma departments with expertise in treating mine blast injuries with VAC devices were grateful to receive supplies to continue treating gravely-wounded patients. The supplies are small, but their impact is huge.

“Without these essential supplies, our medical staff would not be able to provide the best possible care to our patients, which could lead to life-threatening situations,” writes Viktor Dorosh, Acting Director of the Kyiv City Clinical Hospital.

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SpunBond is a Ukrainian charity established in 2020. Its current mission is to provide sustainable support on the ground in both medical and cultural spheres in an effort to preserve Ukraine’s cultural heritage and ensure the survival of Ukrainians wounded by war.

ASVUC is a Swiss charity founded by two IT entrepreneurs who could not bear to stand idly by. The association’s support efforts encompass not only humanitarian and medical aid to displaced persons and victims in Ukraine but also assistance in assimilation to Ukrainian refugees located in foreign countries.