With CHF 35,000 raised through its “Gift of Warmth” winter aid campaign, SA2U supported the Slavuta City Hospital and Gymnasium (High School) No. 5. Kviten Association put the funds to good use through the purchase of generators for these institutions to ensure that both excellent medical care and education can continue.

Aid Partner:Kviten Association
Funds: CHF 35,000
Regions:Slavuta, Khmelnytskyi region
Aid provided:250kW generator and 10kW generator
Beneficiaries:Slavuta City Hospital and Slavuta Gymnasium (High School) No. 5

As one of the aid  beneficiaries noted, “It is good that there are good people who do good!”

EUR 32,200 of the funds raised through SA2U’s winter aid campaign were donated for the purchase of a 250kW generator for the Slavuta City hospital. Ceaseless rocket attacks affect the power grid of Slavuta and the Khmelnytskyi region with catastrophic consequences for the city hospital, a key institution with 265 beds. Blackouts of the city endanger the lives and health of everyone in the medical facility. In the absence of electricity, it is impossible to perform examinations or tests, or connect equipment for X-rays, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, and further laboratory analysis. The existing 132kW generator was not enough to power 9 inpatient departments, whereas the additional 250kW generator ensures that hospital staff can conduct proper evaluations to determine and then administer proper care. As a doctor at the hospital remarked,

“24 hours a day, the light in our department is key to the lives of our people. They can be examined properly, they will receive proper medical care. We thank the people who provided us with this generator.”

A further EUR 4,710, of which EUR 1,910 were donated by Kviten Association, were used to purchase a 10kW generator for Gymnasium (High School) No. 5 in Slavuta. During power outages, the staff and 562 students were left without light, heat, hot water, internet access, and hot lunches. The school has a bomb shelter, which, however, does not function without electricity. Thanks to the generator, the staff and students will have some of the basic comforts they require and the bomb shelter will always be in working condition, ready to provide protection when needed. The generator can also be used to support other infrastructure and facilities in Slavuta in case of emergency.

“Help with generators which became possible thanks to our long-standing partners Kviten Association and Swiss Aid to Ukraine will make it possible to ensure the continuity of the process of medical care, as well as the continuous educational process.”

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Kviten Association: Meaning “April” in Ukrainian, the word “Kviten” is derived from the blooming of flowers in that month. The association sources and ships medicine and medical equipment to Ukrainian pharmacies, hospitals, and medical associations and also provides humanitarian aid such as food and clothing. SA2U has partnered with Kviten on numerous projects since the beginning of the war, includingin particular many successful shipments of medical supplies to places including Kharkiv, Khmelnitsky, Kryvyi Rih, Kherson, Odessa, and Kyiv, and more.