SA2U supported aid partner DobraDia with the purchase of generators and power stations to provide warmth and power for hospitals and centers for people with disabilities in the Kyiv and Chernihiv regions. The funds were generously granted by the Association for the Support of Victims of the Ukraine Conflict (ASVUC).

Aid Partner:Country Development Foundation DobraDia, Kyiv 
Regions:Kyiv and surrounding regions, Chernihiv
Aid provided:7 generators and 5 power stations 
Beneficiaries:3 hospitals and 2 centers for people with disabilities 

The urgently needed aid was distributed as follows: 

  • Society of people with disabilities, Kyiv: 3 power stations 
  • Center of physical rehabilitation for people with disabilities, Kyiv: 2 power stations 
  • Clinical center for radiation protection, children’s department, Pushcha-Vodytsia: 2 generators (8 kW each) 
  • Pryluky Central District Hospital, Pryluky: 2 generators (5 kW and 8.5 kW) 
  • Chernihiv Central District Hospital, Chernihiv: 3 generators (8 kW and 8.5 kW) 

The generators enable clinical staff to provide light to patients at all hours, allowing operations and care to continue during blackouts and planned power outages. Portable power stations are charged by generators and provide large amounts of electricity to high-powered batteries in order to run electrical appliances and charge devices. 

In a video created by DobraDia to show the distribution of the generators and power stations, clinical staff exclaim delightedly over the shipment, describing how their work can now continue even under grueling conditions, how even small hospitals won’t have to close if there’s no power. And staff and residents at centers for people with disabilities were pleased to receive power stations, which guarantee an uninterrupted source of energy during power outages.

“Thank you for the generators. We need them very much! Very! And we are very grateful that you do not forget such small hospitals as ours and don’t forget the people who are here with us so that they are warm and comfortable and always have light. But we hope that it will end someday. And that we will have light 24/7.” 

Nadiya Hudz, Head of Pryluky Central District Hospital  

The delivery of two generators to Pryluky Central District Hospital was covered by a local news channel:

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DobraDia, meaning “good deed” or “kind act” in Ukrainian, is a Kyiv-based country development foundation with projects aimed towards helping children and families impacted by the war as well as looking forward to future rebuilding efforts. 

ASVUC is a Swiss charity founded by two IT entrepreneurs who could not bear to stand idly by. The association’s support efforts encompass not only humanitarian and medical aid to displaced persons and victims in Ukraine but also assistance in assimilation to Ukrainian refugees located in foreign countries.