With funds generously granted by the Association for the Support of Victims of the Ukraine Conflict (ASVUC), SA2U helped its Swiss-based aid partner Kviten Association purchase medicine for children undergoing intensive care at the Odesa Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital. The medicine was purchased from a local distributor in Dnipro, Ukraine.

Aid Partner:Kviten Association, Switzerland
Region: Odesa
Aid provided:Medicines for pediatric trauma patients
Beneficiaries:Odesa Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital

The hospital, which takes in children from the entire southern part of Ukraine, submitted an urgent request for aid to Kviten Association in December 2022 for medicine used to treat pediatric trauma patients in the intensive care unit. The 410-bed medical center currently treats 1,500 children on an inpatient basis per month and conducts more than 400 surgical procedures, including brain and open-heart surgeries. There are a total of three intensive care units, including neonatal and cardiac care units. Despite making every attempt to purchase what they need themselves, the hospital was struggling to keep up with the influx of patients; they faced overcrowded wards and medical supply needs which the deputy head described as “colossal.”  

Medication was ordered from the local, Dnipro-based medical distributor BaDM, a trusted source of medical products in Ukraine, who also oversaw delivery to the hospital. By sourcing the medication locally, the donated funds also helped support local producers and distributors. 

We’re open 24/7. We take in all injured children and care for all of them,” explained the deputy head. In a reporting video, she noted that, thanks to this aid, the children’s hospital can continue to provide life-saving and life-supporting care at a time when such help is in greatest demand and shortest supply. 

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Kviten Association: Meaning “April” in Ukrainian, the word “Kviten” is derived from the blooming of flowers in that month. The association sources and ships medicine and medical equipment to Ukrainian pharmacies, hospitals, and medical associations and also provides humanitarian aid such as food and clothing. SA2U has partnered with Kviten on numerous projects since the beginning of the war, includingin particular many successful shipments of medical supplies to places including Kharkiv, Khmelnitsky, Kryvyi Rih, Kherson, Odessa, and Kyiv, and more. 

ASVUC is a Swiss charity founded by two IT entrepreneurs who could not bear to stand idly by. The association’s support efforts encompass not only humanitarian and medical aid to displaced persons and victims in Ukraine but also assistance in assimilation to Ukrainian refugees located in foreign countries.