SA2U’s first direct financing project was the purchase of 5 state-of-the art blood storage refrigerators for the Ukrainian Transplant Coordination Center. The Coordination Center acted as a centralized coordinator for the blood storage system and distributed the refrigerators to various hospitals around Ukraine in urgent need of the new equipment.

Aid Partner: Ukrainian Transplant Coordination Center, Kyiv 
Funds:EUR 16,500 
Region: Various  
Aid provided: 5 blood storage refrigerators 
Beneficiaries:Various hospitals  

In the beginning stages of the war, safe and state-of-the-art storage of blood for transfusions and transplants for wounded civilians became crucial. The war led to an increased demand for high-quality blood storage equipment, but older and unsuitable equipment was still being used in some parts of Ukraine, and sourcing of new equipment was difficult due to the situation at the time. 

Thanks to generous donors supporting SA2U’s activities in its very first months, SA2U was able to purchase 5 new state-of-the art blood storage refrigerators by leading Belgian manufacturer B Medical Systems to the Ukrainian Transplant Coordination Center, which acted as a national coordination center for the blood storage system. The refrigerators were further distributed to hospitals around Ukraine. The equipment ensures safe storage of blood for transfusions and transplants for the wounded in a time of war.