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Caring Support for Ukraine's Vulnerable
The Dobrobut Foundation is the only charitable foundation in Ukraine created by a large medical network to provide medical care to people affected by the war. The "Dobrobut Foundation" in alliance with the "Dobrobut" Medical Network is unwavering in its commitment to providing a broad range of medical services to adults and children affected by the war in Ukraine. With your support, we can bring warmth, care and hope to many people.

Our Cause: 10.000 CHF Raised, Unlimited Compassion Needed

"You help – we treat!" is not just a slogan; it's the essence of our operation. Our goal is clear: to reach CHF10.000 monthly in donations, a starting point towards an outpouring of generosity to fund essential medical care for those in need.

Our Reach: Extensive Medical Expertise at Your Service

Dobrobut boasts a comprehensive array of medical services across over 75 medical specialties, delivered through two multifunctional hospitals and 20 clinics. Here, our pledge is 100% transparency: every cent raised is directed towards treatment. With zero administrative fees, we ensure that your donations have the maximum impact.

Our Assurance: Quality Care at Reduced Costs

We understand the financial strains of healthcare, which is why the "DobroBut Medical Network" generously offers a 20% discount on services and we use medicines with 0% markup. Many of our doctors work on a voluntary basis. This allows us to help more people.

Our Integration: Seamless Support for Swift Healing

The symbiosis between DobroBut Foundation and DobroBut Medical Network epitomizes efficiency, ensuring the most seamless and expedient interaction from diagnosis to recovery.

Our Current Campaigns: Stories That Need a Happy Ending

Yehor’s Courageous Journey. Healing cost: 2,066.05 USD
Born into a large family, 2-year-old Yehor and his family sought refuge in western Ukraine amid the challenges of gunfire and chaos, a consequence of the ongoing war. Recently, Yehor underwent surgery for a cleft palate at "Dobrobut" Medical Network. Our dedicated doctors provided diligent care and rehabilitation, ensuring Yehor's smooth recovery. Currently, Yehor urgently requires an operation on his arm and legs, along with medical treatment in the intensive care unit.

Vladislava’s Battle for Normalcy. Healing cost: 570.60 USD
Vladislava, a resilient 17-year-old originally from Konstantinovka, Donetsk region. From birth, she faced the challenge of a congenital malformation in her cardiovascular system, coupled with a delay in general development. Diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) of the 3rd degree in 2012, Vladislava has coped with bed-wetting since an early age. Her medical history includes a cardiac arrest in the early years, ileocystoaugmentation in 2018, and a kidney transplant in 2023. Currently, Vladislava requires stenting of the ureter and pharmaceutical treatment to address her ongoing health needs.

Elizaveta’s Simple Wish for a Smile. Healing cost: 477.15 USD
A 16-year-old, Elizaveta from Kherson, is adopted by her grandmother, who works as a teacher and officially cares for five children. Elizaveta urgently requires dental treatment, a service they cannot afford independently. Diagnosed with acute catarrhal gingivitis and multiple acute deep dental caries, Elizaveta's dental health is at a critical juncture. Elizaveta's daily life is marred by acute dental issues, an undeserved reality for any child.

How You Can Help

Your donation can be the miracle in the stories of Yehor, Vladislava, Elizaveta, and many others. Together, let's create a tapestry of hope and health. For the future of Ukraine lies in the wellbeing of its people. You help, we treat – a partnership where your goodwill is the cornerstone of our humanitarian mission.

Take Action Today

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Together, we can transform funds into futures.