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Help Empower Ukraine's Future: Support War-Affected Children in Their Education Journey

In the face of devastating war, the children of Ukraine are not just fighting for survival, but for their right to education. According to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, over 3,000 educational institutions have been affected by the conflict, leaving many children without access to quality education. At Swiss Aid to Ukraine, we believe that education is not a privilege but a fundamental right—and the cornerstone for a brighter future.

Why we selected this project?

Holistic Educational Support: CoH comprehensive program is specially designed to meet the unique needs of war-affected children, focusing on orphans and those who have lost parents due to the ongoing Russian invasion.
Customized Learning Plans: CoH offer individual development plans, STEM tutoring, and language courses to help each child excel in their studies.
Psychosocial Aid: Recognizing the stress and trauma these children face, our initiative aims to reintegrate them into the educational system and boost their self-confidence.
Long-Term Impact: Your contribution is not just a short-term fix. It's an investment in the future of Ukraine, empowering the next generation to participate in rebuilding a strong and resilient nation.

Program Features

Private Online Tutoring: Partnering with JustSchool, an online educational platform, CoH offer tailored one-on-one tutoring in STEM subjects and Ukrainian language.
Socialization Support: CoH offer avenues for the social reintegration of war-traumatized children, helping them get back to a normal learning process.
Flexible Learning: Tutoring sessions are adjustable, ranging from once to twice a week, based on each child's needs.

Financial Overview

Budget: For the academic year 2023-2024, the total budget for these activities is $105,000 USD.
Per Child Cost: A minimal sum of $48 per month can fund 8 lessons for a single child.
Donation Goals: We are aiming to raise between $10,500 (minimum) to $105,000 (full budget) to support this vital cause.

Don't Miss Out

Children of Heroes team noticed that some children could not attend the classes, because of missing or outdated gadgets. During our event the team will be happy to receive your unused phones, tablets, laptops or donations.Together, we can make education accessible for Ukraine's children in need. Support us now and invest in Ukraine's future.

For more information or direct donations follow Children of Heroes website: here or reach out to Project Leader