SA2U supported Ilona Malytska, our most trusted volunteer, in cooperation with Kviten Association, with EUR 5,000 for the purchase of winter aid. A shelter in the village of Chernomorka in Odesa region, housing 58 IDP families, including 23 children, received two generators, and residents received “boxes of heat and light”.

Aid Partner:Ilona Malytska and Kviten Association  
Funds: EUR 5,000
Region: Odessa
Aid provided:2 generators, 30 “boxes of heat and light” with power banks, flashlights, thermoses and blankets
Beneficiaries:Over 50 families living at an IDP shelter

Many IDPs left their homes in the Odesa region due to heavy fighting and have been staying in a temporary shelter, some for as long as nine months. In the winter, such persons, houseless and with minimal possessions, are especially vulnerable after shelling and attacks which often leave them without heat, water, or electricity.

Ilona personally purchased the most critical items that residents required for the upcoming winter, during which the shelter expected frequent heat and electricity outages. 30 “heat and light” boxes containing power banks, flashlights, thermoses, and blankets were distributed, and the shelter received 2 generators to maintain its electricity supply.

Additionally, 8 low-income families in the region with children, children with disabilities, and seniors had their dietary needs fulfilled for several weeks: Ilona purchased 19 kg of non-perishable food for each family.

A local newspaper reported on Ilona’s heroic efforts.

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Kviten Association: Meaning “April” in Ukrainian, the word “Kviten” is derived from the blooming of flowers in that month. The association sources and ships medicine and medical equipment to Ukrainian pharmacies, hospitals, and medical associations and also provides humanitarian aid such as food and clothing. SA2U has partnered with Kviten on numerous projects since the beginning of the war, includingin particular many successful shipments of medical supplies to places including Kharkiv, Khmelnitsky, Kryvyi Rih, Kherson, Odessa, and Kyiv, and more.