Swiss Aid Scholarship

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High school students and students attending institutions of higher education such as universities or technical training schools are individuals at a crucial stage of their personal and professional development, where skills and personalities are formed through hard work, new challenges and chances for leadership, as well as through socialization with peers. However, effective learning and socialization are only possible if students have the necessary resources to be able to focus on, and be motivated for, the experience of studying. In other words, the more levels of Maslow’s hierarchy are met, the higher a student’s motivation, increasing learning effectiveness.


Students have recently arrived and continue to arrive in Switzerland and Germany as transfer students at higher education institutions. Also, Ukrainian refugees based in Switzerland and Germany will start high school and choose to enroll in institutions of higher education in the coming months.


SA2U, therefore, established the “Swiss Aid Scholarship” and provides financial support to Ukrainian students to maximize their opportunities for learning. By providing financial support, we can ensure that young adults’ basic needs are met so that the students can concentrate on their studies and learn a new language. In this way, they can integrate into local communities and begin to contribute to them faster.


If you want to apply for the scholarship, follow this link: