3D printed tourniquets

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In collaboration with 3dprintingforukraine and - Stratasys we started a unique 3D tourniquet initiative. Together we developed the most efficient way to produce tourniquets, that are currently in extreme shortage in Europe.


Key factors:

  • Tourniquet design based on well-established industry standards
  • Successfully tested by emergency physicians (not yet officially certified)
  • Already successfully deployed in the field in Ukraine by medical professionals and soldiers
  • Design optimized for 3D printing (no supports, 0.4-0.8mm nozzle)
  • Simple sewing at scale with illustrated instructions
  • Strict quality control measures and a network of sewing experts

EMERGENCY USE ONLY Our tourniquet is not yet certified. The use of non-certified tourniquets is allowed in Ukraine. Please always use a TCCC-certified tourniquet, if you have access to such a device.